Ortolani Enterprises - a Full Service Consulting Firm


We are committed to impacting the bottom line of all of our clients and in as my ways as we can. We do so through getting inside your business. Inside of what you are doing with your clients, with your employees, your advertising and outreach, and anything and everything else you are undertaking.

Our services are about you, not about us. We know what we can do and we are doing it, and doing it for you and with you as our client. We are here to make an impact into your business and make it verifiable, replicable and measurable with a long term and lasting effect that will be noticeable by you and your leadership team on a grand scale.

We aim to accomplish our mission through:

  • Determined and effective investigation into your business
  • Strategic implementation of proven tactics for content creation through the written word, video, audio and live appearances at events and networking opportunities
  • Consistent Tracking and Follow up on planned and executed efforts both online and offline

As we develop our relationship with our clients our goal is always to make the most effective impact possible while honoring your true intentions as a service provider for your clients and customers.

Looking forward to working with you!

Ortolani Enterprises - Matt OrtolaniMatt Ortolani

Owner - Ortolani Enterprises Inc


301 W Bay St Suite 14131

Jacksonville FL 32202




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