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March 26, 2017
Go For The Gusto

I love this saying. It's something my mother used to tell me when we would talk about life and success. She would tell me "go for the gusto, if you're gonna go for it!" This is epic advice and definitely something to heed. Not only heed, but focus on and acknowledge and understand. You should […]

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February 26, 2017
Insane Questions to Ponder from Travis Bennett

First a few from me: What is your Prosperity Source? aka Job, Passion, Purpose, Intention Manifestation  Who are you watching? What have you been conditioned by? What is the lowest standard for being a “good person”? Do you know what fits the You Inc Enterprise Model? How are you going to quit drinking if all […]

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February 24, 2017
If Tim Ferriss Had Not Published Any More

I would miss him. Seth Godin wrote several articles about - If you stopped being around tomorrow, who would miss you? Would we miss you? Here is an article by Angelica Nohra about the same topic, it seems to have affected her greatly. Who would miss you if you were gone? From another Seth article: […]

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January 2, 2017
A Manager's Guide To Saving An Employee

What is the current state of affairs? Over half of the workforce is disengaged at some level (Source). They say at least a certain amount of people are totally disengaged with what they are doing as far as work is concerned. They just don’t want to be there, and for whatever reason, they are still […]

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December 18, 2015
Derek Sivers and Tim Ferriss notes

The standard pace is for chumps Kemo Williams Compressed 4 years of learning into a 4 lessons Tarleton - hot lady from the circus Awesome confidence builder - internalized it Contact the department head and take the final and then read the book the homework. Get credit without taking the course Constant questioning of how […]

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March 25, 2013
Everyone Should Steal Everything

The use of others’ ideas and intellectual property is a touchy subject. Have you ever had that “idea” and then 2 weeks later, after you did nothing with it, you see someone else has already produced your idea. Now obviously they didn’t produce your invention or your software, your website or whatever, in that two […]

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